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The Menopause, Diet and Lifestyle

Menopause is now less of a taboo, with more women asking questions and seeking help. Women are living longer, and spend more time in the post-menopausal stage. As many struggle with symptoms around menopause, the advice on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of symptoms remains confusing. I look at the research on lifestyle and nutrition in the timing of menopause, symptoms, and prevention of chronic disease related to menopause. The current research shows dietary factors could influence the lifespan of the ovaries and sex-hormones levels, hence the timing of natural menopause. A few studies have reported an association between exercise and diet, in particular soya consumption, with a reduced risk of vasomotor symptoms. It is well known that metabolic factors due to hormonal change in midlife increases the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and dementia in women after midlife. Falls in oestrogen levels predispose women to osteoporosis and fractures. The role of diet and lifestyle intervention is crucial in disease prevention for women in midlife.


Ferhat Uddin

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