What happens to a 20+ year Homicide Detective, who had never displayed any signs of a Mental Illness in his life, who suddenly

On June 14, 2017, at approximately 3:51 am, I was found unresponsive, while seated in the driver's seat of my unmarked FWPD vehicle. The responding Officer knocked on the window of the car until I woke up and rolled the window down. I told the Officer that was heading to KREAGER PARK, and I was immediately asked by the Officer; this was the revolver, I intended to use to end my life. I was asked if I had been drinking, I responded yes, and that I had a half glass of vodka to accelerate the effects of the painkillers/muscle relaxers I had taken to assist with my death. I admitted the consumption of several prescription pills and repletely stated that I wanted to end my life. Now, if you ask yourself; rather than obtaining me the medical attention needed. Former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, signed a law in 2015 requiring the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to instruct trainees regarding CIT protocol. According to the FWPD CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM POLICY #PD01-0125: If a misdemeanor crime has been committed by the individual, the mental health detention will occur, and criminal charges will not be filed. Criminal charges of any nature cannot be filed if the person has been held on a 24-hour or 72-hour hold. During my incarceration, I was not allowed to make any phone calls to my family, nor did either agency.


Stacey M. Jenkins

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