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The Artificial Intelligence will transform the Management of Healthcare.

The dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) as a platform for improved health care provides unparalleled opportunity to enhance patient and clinical team performance, minimize costs, and reduce negative health effects on the community. It provides a broad description of the legal and legislative context of the AI tools intended for the implementation of health care; highlights the need for equality, accessibility, the need for a human rights goal for the work; and identifies important factors for further advancement. The AI framework describes the obstacles, drawbacks, and best practices for AI development, adoption, and management. It also aims to bring a paradigm shift to healthcare, driven by rising clinical data access and rapid advancement in analytical techniques. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to revolutionize the practice of medicine and change the delivery of healthcare. The digitization of health data has had a huge effect on the duties and work of HIM practitioners, prompting them to take on more specialized tasks in The Artificial Intelligence will transform the Management of Healthcare. Dr. Iris-Panagiota Efthymiou University of Piraeus, UK Citation : Dr Iris-Panagiota Efthymiou, The Artificial Intelligence will transform the Management of Healthcare, 2nd International Conference on Lifestyle Disease & Medicine, April 22-23, 2021 at Germany gathering, preserving, and using health data. Healthcare is going through an awareness explosion. AI will promote changes in health quality, patient engagement, and access to healthcare services. This paper discusses the role of artificial intelligence in the advancement of health care and associated fields. It also discusses, the value of artificial intelligence in various healthcare sectors’ transformation.


Iris-Panagiota Efthymiou

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