Implementation of child tracking on android mobile terminals using emotion recognition

This paper analyses the technologies most widely used to work on areas affected by the autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). This disorder is characterized by difficulties in social communication, social interactions, and repetitive behaviours.We have presented a method to develop emotion-aware solutions for autisticchildren.Emotion aware apps could significantly increase the children understanding of their emotions, facial expression and it could also help their carers or educators to better understandand detect the children. These proposed tracking devices can be worn as wrist watches, anklets or in I -cards. Global system for mobile communication and receiver include parent’s mobile phone.Autism is diagnosed during the first three years of life. Extensive research has proven the efficiency of technologies as support tools for therapy and their acceptation by ASD sufferers.People affected by autism have good virtual capacity than hearing. Studies are organized into four broad categories:


Divya Dharshini A

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