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2017: Volume 2, Issue 1
Editorial: Reproductive Immunol Open Acc (27)
Are Exosomes A Viable Therapy For Pregnancy Complications?
Author(s): Sharon McCracken
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Research Article: Reproductive Immunol Open Acc (28)
Mechanism Of Cytomegalovirus Penetration Through Erythrocyte Membrane
Author(s): Lucenko Michael T and Andrievskaya Irina A
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Case Report: Reproductive Immunol Open Acc (29)
Ultrasonography Misdiagnosis of Postmenopausal Endometrial Tuberculosis(PET) Caseous Necrosis: A Case report
Author(s): Arzigul Umarjan, Xiang Hong and Hu Rong
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Rapid Communication: Reproductive Immunol Open Acc (30)
Summary of the Yield of Endometrial Aspiration in Women with Various Risk Factors and Bleeding Abnormalities
Author(s): Roya Tabatabai, Anita L Nelson and Lisa Vasquez
Case Report: Reproductive Immunol Open Acc (31)
Early Diagnosis of Interstitial Pregnancy Associated to Assisted Reproductive Techniques Case Report
Author(s): Mercedes del Pilar Alvarez-Goris and Abraham Zavala-Garcia
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