Ultrasonography Misdiagnosis of Postmenopausal Endometrial Tuberculosis(PET) Caseous Necrosis: A Case report

Objective: To reduce misdiagnosis and not misdiagnose of postmenopausal endometrial tuberculosis.

Method: Analyzing a case of postmenopausal endometrial tuberculosis caseous necrosis misdiagnosed as endometrial cancer by ultrasonography.

Result: This case was clearly diagnosed as postmenopausal endometrial tuberculosis by means of hysteroscopy curettage and pathological examination, thereby the misdiagnosis was rectified.

Conclusion: Ultrasonography has significant implications for clinical diagnosis of postmenopausal caseous endometrial tuberculosis and identification of endometrial cancer. It is suggested to carry out clinical curettage and pathological examination in time so as to reduce misdiagnosis of postmenopausal endometrial tuberculosis.


Arzigul Umarjan, Xiang Hong and Hu Rong

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